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August 12, 2015
TSA Security Regulations Still In Place:
Volunteers with AOA Badges Urgently Needed

As you may know by now, the Transportation Safety Administration, part of the Department of Homeland Security, has mandated that a PCAM member with an AOA badge must be out on our field during open hours whenever customers are present on the field.


This is serious business. The TSA has done a number of unannounced spot checks over the past several months and will continue to do so as long as we are in business. The Museum is on airport property, and is subject to an ever-growing body of security regulations. If PCAM moves locations and can build a TSA-approved fence, we may be able to eliminate this volunteer program. But for now, volunteers are badly needed.

But there are compensations! It's fun, and sometimes there are special treats for AOA volunteers. Keep reading for more on that.

Thank You all Current and Past Volunteers! But We Need More!

We need people with AOA badges to be on our field during open hours when customers are outside. We’ve been filling time slots as volunteers are available but we are looking for AOA badge holders who can take the same two-hour time slot for several weeks running, for ease of scheduling.

So far our generous and dedicated membership has really stepped up and done a fabulous job of filling in most of the time slots on most days. They've really saved the Museum and kept us open to the public. But sometimes we have to really scramble to find someone, particularly for Saturdays and Sundays, and that can be challenging and time consuming. We need you to volunteer and help take some of this load off our shoulders.

It’s Easy!
The AOA patrol volunteer simply keeps watch on the low fence near the F-15 that divides the Air Museum field from the rest of the airport. If any visitor on our field tries to pass from the Museum grounds through our fence and onto the tarmac, they must be immediately challenged to show their AOA badge. If they can't or won't show their badge, you simply phone airport security. Volunteers will be fully oriented to the job.

It’s Fun!
PCAM is fortunate to have a large and dedicated community of members and volunteers. Haven't you always wanted more time to gaze at our beautiful aircraft, or sit in the sun or shade and read a book? Well here's a really good excuse!

And sometimes, when scheduling works out right, AOA patrol volunteers are subject to special treatment. Several times over the course of the spring and summer of 2015, the Flight Wing of the Pacific Coast Air Museum has cooked up some delicious barbeque for our volunteers, and given them rides in the Flight Wing's classic aircraft at the end of their shifts. The Flight Wing can't do this all the time, but when they do, you want to be the one who volunteered!

Above, this lucky AOA patrol volunteer got a ride in the Flight Wing's 1946 Stinson 108 Voyager, a classic taildragger. Just for spending two hours on the field enjoying the warm sun, cool breezes, and views of all the aircraft! That's him during the flight, getting an unofficial flying lesson.

How to Volunteer

We have set up three two-hour shifts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Time slots are 10:00-12:00, 12:00 - 2:00 and 2:00 to 4:00.

We’d like you to volunteer for one of these regular shifts for a few weeks in a row, but if you can only fill in here and there then we’d welcome that too!

Volunteer by...

Thank You!

We've had a really good response to our urgent request for AOA badge holders and we greatly appreciate everyone who has stepped forward. But we still need more people on the roster for ongoing schedules.

What is an AOA Badge?

AOA means Air Operations Area. An AOA badge is a security identification badge that shows you have a legitimate reason for being on airport property. AOA badges are typically granted to pilots, aircraft owners, airport employees, employees of airport businesses, and so forth. Applicants must apply at the airport, satisfy some simple requirements, and pay a fee. The AOA badge is one of many security programs instituted and overseen by the Department of Homeland Security.

Sign up at the Museum, or phone us at 707-575-7900, or email

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