Aircraft at the Air Museum

History you can touch!

Aircraft on the field at the Pacific Coast Air Museum
A-4E Skyhawk
A-6E Intruder
A-7 Corsair II
A-26 Invader
BD-5J Bede
Blue Angels Cockpit
C-118 Liftmaster
C-1A Trader
D-21 Drone
DC-6 Cockpit
EA-6B Prowler
F-4C Phantom II
F-5E Tiger II
F-8U Crusader
F-14A Tomcat
F-15 Eagle “First Responder”
F-16N Viper
F-84F Thunderstreak
F-86H Sabre Jet
F-105F Thunderchief
F-106 Delta Dart
H-34 Choctaw Helicopter
HU-16E Albatross
IL-14 Crate
Lockheed Jetstar
Pitts Special S1
RF-86F Sabre
S-2 Tracker
S-2 Tracker
T-28 Trojan
T-33 Shooting Star
T-37 Tweet
T-38 Talon
UH-1H Huey
Aircraft on the field at the Pacific Coast Air Museum.

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